Project Description

K Museum of Contemporary Art’s new exhibition <Anti-Art Museum Show> is planned as a temporary exhibition. It is an extension of the previous exhibition: <This is a Contemporary Art Museum 1, 2> ended on last September.

After the 20th century in contemporary art history, artists have started to implement new ideas through everyday materials unlike past artist in 19th century. The advent of Dadaism and the “Ready-made” by Marcel Duchamp were developed from the anti-artistic trend. The previous exhibition, <This is a Contemporary Art Museum 1, 2>, was inspired by Duchamp’s quote: “Everyone is artists, Everything is art.” <Anti-Art Museum Show> has been organized in order to ask the public how the current art institutions should face the contemporary art.

<Ant- Art Museum Show> is the exhibition that focused on interaction among five artists, curatorial team, and audiences. K Museum of Contemporary Art curatorial team used materials that we could get easily, but unfamiliar in the museum.

Our curatorial team set the theme as a <Copy of Super Copy> and created three installation works called <Illusion>, <If Value, Then Copy>, and <Copy of Super Copy>. Each of them is inspired by <Scattered Crowd> by William Forsythe, <Guarana Power> by SUPERFLEX, and <Rain Interactive> by Luzinterruptus. Through these installation pieces, audience could experience unusual exhibition which is hard to find at any other museum.