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Project Description

< This is Contemporary Art Museum >

May 5 (Fri) ~ Sep 1 (Fri)

Exhibition Period  | 2017.05.05 – 2017.09.01

Location  | 1F

Curated by  | Kim Yeon-jin (Director of KMCA)

Featured Artists  | Numen/For Use, Im Jibin

Exhibition Overview  |

K Museum of Contemporary Art (KMCA) is proud to present ‘This is Contemporary Art Museum’ exhibition from May 5(Fri) to Sep 1(Fri). The exhibition will feature Tape Seoul, the large installation project made by European artist group called Numen/For Use. Numen/For Use is a collective working to blur the boundaries of installation art, scenography, industrial and spatial design by employing materials such as tape, thread and net to create large scale site-specific projects, intended to explore the transformation and expansion of a particular space. The installation by Numen/For Use is a completed by audience participation, of which the viewers may climb inside to explore and experience the space by themselves. Upon approaching the newly transformed space, the viewers may enhance their general perception of space and recognize the space in new ways.
Pop artist Jibin Im, based in Busan, brings his continued series of project EVERYWHERE, made up of large scale toy called ‘Be@rbrick.’ From 2016 and onwards, the project has been featured in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Taipei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Qingdao, California and KMCA, along with various numbers of cities across the world. The balloon form of Be@rbrick artwork greets the audience with psychological state of embrace once approached.
As the artist once said, “Art should not be difficult, but it is a harmonious form of daily communion and method of communication designed to heal emotional wounds,” his artworks conform to the KMCA exhibition slogan, “Everyone is an Artist, Everything is Art.”