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Project Description

Exhibition Period  |  2017. 06. 10 – 2017. 09. 03

Location  |  2F (Gallery 2), 3F (Gallery 3)

Curated by  | Kim Yeon-jin (Director of KMCA)

Co-organized and co-hosted by | KMCA & Minoa Art Asset

Featured Artists  |  Shepard Fairey, JR, JonOne, Nick Walker, ZEVS, L’ATLAS, CRASH, Pure Evil, FENX, Fabien Versshaere

Exhibition Overview  |

The Great Graffiti: The Audience becomes the GraffitistK Museum of Contemporary Art (KMCA) is pleased to announce its third curated exhibition entitled The Great Graffiti: The Audience becomes the Graffitist, co-organized and co-hosted by the museum and Minoa Art Asset. Bearing in mind that the museum conception of fine art is out of date in contemporary art museums, KMCA continues to create inspiring exhibitions by remaining true to fundamental mission of the art museum: “Art is for everyone, art is a source of everyone’s pleasure and enjoyment and everyone is an artist.”

Having opened its doors to the public as contemporary art museum, KMCA attempts to present artworks ranging from massive site-specific installations to pop art in various genres that appear more suitable to be displayed outside of standard gallery space. Following this vision, KMCA presents The Great Graffiti exhibition. Having started from an act of vandalism, the subject of graffiti work often remains veiled. Due to rushed nature of working time before getting caught in the act, graffiti work is criticized for the lack of incompleteness. However, graffiti is not born to be permanent, nor does it require to be presented in an exhibition.

The characteristics of graffiti are similar to that of early European avant-garde art: site-specific, extemporaneous, ephemeral and critical towards social issues. The gist of early avant-garde art was to bring together art and life. Many avant-gardists believed that art has a power to change the world through critique of society. This belief has served as an engine to support contemporary art. Linked with hip-hop culture, graffiti is appealing to many youths and does not hesitate to take a definite stance against the social injustice encountered today. KMCA presents a re-interpretation of The Great Graffiti which had been featured at Seoul Arts Center during the first half of 2017 and plans to gear towards contemporary art as contemporary art museum, thereby aiming to engage a wider audience.