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Group Tour

Please make a group reservation by phone at 02-2138-0956 (Mon~Fri 9:00~18:00)


■ Notice: Its pre-scheduled tour only, please make a reservation one week in advance before your visit as a group ( Elementary, Junior High, High 30 or less of people), no same day reservations will be honored. You can pick a date within 90dyas from the day or reservation.


■ Before your entry, there will be a 15 minutes class about the exhibition, and museum manners.

Please be on time, otherwise the tour program will be automatically canceled, (and make a reservation one week in advance.)


■ Hours : weekdays morning.

Number of people :  30 or less

Subject : Students

Benefit : 2000 won discount of the admission fee

The maximum per group is 30(more or less) students with one chaperone.

Educators can only accommodates a maximum of 30 (more or less) students per time slot.

A group should come with a chaperone ( ex, teacher ) per 30 students for safety matter, and please be informed about museum manners below before you visit the museum.


■ Museum Manner

Please move to the museum in order after pre- 15minutes class.

Please do not reach to the art work over the line.

Please do not touch art work with your hand, or any object ( Catalogue, Sel-fi stick, or pens).

Please do not lean on the wall or sit down on the floor.

All your belongings should be checked in to the check room before you enter to the museum.

Please do not run in the museum.

Any inappropriate behavior which may disturb other visitors is prohibited in the museum.


Contact | K Museum of Contemporary Art


T. 02-2138-0956 (Monday~Friday 9:00~18:00)