Alexander Calder

<Calder on paper>

October 24, 2019

K Museum of Contemporary Art (KMCA) is proud to present Alexander Calder’s retrospective exhibition, <Calder on paper>. The museum has coordinated with Comediarting to organize this tremendous event and unlike any previous shows, <Calder on paper> will showcase its finest private collections. KMCA has brought over <Calder on Paper> from the Saatchi Gallery as it was a circulating exhibition. However, with the generous participation of private collectors, we were able to further expand the number of artworks more than 150 pieces. Also the collective date for the artworks spans further than any exhibition has sought, which bumps this exhibition as the first-ever largest retrospective exhibition of Calder in all of Asia. The exhibition will feature over 150 pieces of Calder’s gouaches and paintings spreading from 1920 to 1976.


Installation View © K Museum of Contemporary Art, 2019