K Museum of Contemporary Art (KMCA) is an artist-activating and audience-engaging contemporary art museum. The mission of KMCA is to encourage the audience to gain a deeper understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art. We want to provide a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present, that reflect issues of our society and the world of contemporary art. We are targeting a wide range of public from experts to young children and national to international. The museum boldly interweaves exhibitions, performances, collections, and educational programs to excite, challenge, and illuminate our visitors and offer insight into the creative process.



The mission of K Museum of Contemporary art (KMCA) is to preserve, and stimulate appreciation for and advance knowledge of works of contemporary art. All in the service of the public and in accordance with the highest professional standards. Since 2016, KMCA continues to instruct, inform and inspire local and global artists and try to provide a high-quality source of visual art and create an exciting venue where artists can exhibit their art.



Provide a safe and suitable environment for the collections with effective security and environmental control for the benefit of present and future generations.



Provide programs and workshops for adults and children in a barrier-free setting to stimulate aesthetic engagement and promote familiarity with art in its historical, cultural, and material contexts for all ages and abilities.



To serve as an experimental and multi-disciplinary platform and forum for dialogue in a contemporary art scene by presenting works of art in the appealing and intellectually stimulation manner that reflects issues of our society and the world of contemporary art.



An artist-activated and audience-engaged contemporary art museum where targeting to reach out to the widest possible audience in a spirit of inclusiveness.